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High Drama 2 on The WB Online

I have to say that I was never the one who would ever try out for a school play but that’s something that I wish that I did try out. I was always too shy in school or I was never there because I was always sick. I’m not going to lie but I had a difficult time in school trying to keep up because for me I was always trying to play catch up in school and in my classes. I was always out of school and I honestly don’t know how I even graduated because of all the time I missed. All of it was excused but after watching “High Drama 2” which is an original web series only available on, I found that I could have done it. “High Drama 2” follows the theater company of Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as they put on their best show yet: The Wizard of Oz.

I definitely fell in love with Cameron and his story. He was recovering from a very serious injury that happened the year before and was told that he would never walk or dance again. He was out of school the last part of the school year and he overcame it because he is now the scarecrow for the play. This year I have a feeling that this is going to be a great show to watch online every week to see the outcome of the show. If I could go back to high school I would have tried out for a school play because that’s something that I wish I could have done but never did. I highly suggest you watch this show on because it’s an amazing show and for me if you love some of the other shows out there you will fall in love with this one. Plus you can watch it as often as you want since it’s online! I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘High Drama 2.’

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