Worked Hard today!

Today after I got off work at noon I went to the gym to workout with a friend. I got there first and had a good time working out on the elliptical but had to change my plans of doing that and going to the stationary bike. After that my friend came up and found me and we went on over to where the weights and machines were. We both are trying to have some kind of stomach fat loss and so we worked hard. I can say that I am so out of shape but going to the gym with a friend is much nicer than going alone! I hope that I can go workout sometime this weekend and if not then I will workout Monday at lunch time! I can’t wait until I get to do something productive and really see that weight loss in my daily wardrobe too so that I can start pulling out all of those smaller clothes that I still have from high school and college! It would be awesome for sure!!!

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