Still looking like I’m well Young!

This past Friday night I went to Greenville, NC to visit with my sister and my brother. My sister and I and some of her co-workers went out to eat at a Sushi Restaurant and that’s where I had my first “real” sushi and it was delicious! It was not like the sushi that you get her in Rocky Mount. Ewww that stuff is gross here. But anyway’s at dinner I ordered myself a Bud Light and the guy looked at me and asked for my ID. I looked around and there were not that many people who got carded but I did. I think it’s because I still look like I’m 18 and not 29! I had at one point during the night ask if I used any kind of wrinkle cream because I have no wrinkles. I told them no not at this time but I will probably use it once I hit 35. I still have a good 6 years before I do turn 35 but I can’t wait until I hit 30! I’m going to party most likely at Winslow’s in G-Vegas! Well now I will go to bed. Talk to you all soon!

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