We are Back!

Our vacation to Disney World was awesome! I have even started to plan another trip to Florida and Disney World for hopefully October 2011! I decided to plan on going then since the weather should be cooler than it was when we went. I have to say though that we did get to do a lot of the things we had planned on doing and I even had a little surprise set up for Olivia for that Monday that we were there. The surprise was for her to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to have her hair, makeup and nails done by her Fairy Godmother. The only thing that would have made it all worth while was to have dinner with Cinderella in the castle but that’s ok because we ended up going to dinner with Cinderella and her family and Prince Charming of course at The Grand Floridian. On Sunday when we arrived we got checked into our resort which we stayed at Disney’s All Star Movies and we were in The Mighty Ducks Building 3. After we got settled into our room and after the minor meltdown we had because our luggage wasn’t there yet and Olivia really wanted to go swimming and we didn’t have the swimsuits we finally headed on down to the gift shop, got Olivia a pair of Minnie Mouse Ears, went to the bus stop and headed on over to Magic Kingdom. We did have a good flight down with no major problems. How nice was that? Plus Olivia even slept on the flight and slept right on through the landing too. It was very nice and the plane was a great experience for us to do.

While in MK we ended up going on a few rides like the Flying Dumbo Ride and a few others. Then we headed on to check out the rest of the park and to find something to eat. It was really nice too because we knew that at 9pm SpectroMagic was going to come through the streets for the parade. How cool! We ended up eating at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Cafe and it was really good food. I got a 1/3lb Cheeseburger on a whole wheat bun, some fries, and a carrot cake for dessert and of course a drink. Olivia got a cheeseburger (which she actually ate a few bites of), french fries, a drink and a chocolate chip cookie for her dessert. That made total that we used up 1 counter service meal each so that left us with a total of 8 CS meals left. Sweet too! After we were finished up we went outside of the restaurant where we ended up watching the SpectroMagic Parade. We had a good time and after that we headed to the front of the park and we headed back to the resort for a good night sleep. Just as we were leaving we ended up seeing fireworks and later found out that was for Wishes that happens on certain nights of the week. It was awesome! We both were exhausted and ended up getting our snack while at the resort. I think we both ended up getting a Single scoop ice cream cone. That night I also purchased us both our own refillable resort mug and that came in handy all week long. That turned out to be the best $30 I ever spent total too.

Monday we woke up in good time and got ready for the day. We headed down to the food court where Olivia got herself some pancakes, and a yogurt so that she could take her medicine. After breakfast we filled up our mugs with water and Olivia wanted some orange drink and we headed to the bus stop again heading to MK. Yes we loved this park! We ended up riding a few rides, and even stood in line to see Snow White. While we were there we also saw the Dreams Do Come True show at Cinderella’s Castle and had a good time there. Not long after the show and standing in line to see Snow White and have our pictures taken with her and for Olivia to have her sign her autograph book we headed on to Downtown Disney to do the My Little Pony Box Stuffing and also to BBB. This was at The World Of Disney Store and it was truly amazing. Olivia was appointed her very own Fairy Godmother in Training, got to pick out her hairstyle she wanted and the color makeup she wanted. Then her Fairy Godmother in Training, Sara proceeded to make Olivia’s dreams come true by becoming a Princess. Olivia was even dressed up as Snow White and that made it even more wonderful for her. We then went down to the Photopass studio where Olivia had her very own photoshoot. The pictures turned out gorgeous as usual and we took a few more pictures around Downtown Disney before heading back to the resort to let Olivia change into regular clothes before heading back to the park and then heading over to The Grand Floridian for her Princess Treatment with eating dinner with Cinderella and Family. That turned out to be great and Olivia’s favorite people that she met there happened to be Cinderella, Anastasia (her fave she said), and Prince Charming. There were a few others there as well. They even brought Olivia for her dessert and for her Birthday treatment a signed placemat and her very own cupcake. Yummy! We ended up taking the cupcake home (back to the resort) and headed back to MK and then back to our resort. It was wonderful but we both were exhausted and were ready to go to bed. It was late too so that was I’m sure why we were both crabby and sleepy all in one.

I’m getting tired myself now but plan on posting Tuesday and Wednesday’s Activities hopefully either Tomorrow or Tuesday. So stay tuned on what happened then!

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