Working Out

After joining Planet Fitness last month I’ve only been a few times but can definitely tell a difference in the way my clothes are fitting me. I feel much better about myself too. But when I have a down day I can tell that is the day I don’t feel like going to the gym. So instead I have been looking online for quick easy moves that I can do while at home or while Olivia is home and I can’t go to the gym. I was looking online and saw that there is a cool new dip station out there that is really neat looking. I’d like to see one of those in the gym but for now I will stick with the equipment that is at Planet Fitness. The other thing that I love having at the gym is the massage chairs and the tanning beds. Not only can I use the ones you lay in but they have the standing up ones too. I will have to get my tanning lotion from Tonya this week because she went and got me some while I worked this week. I might on Tuesday go to the gym and tan for a few minutes then I will go walk on the treadmill for 25 minutes to 30 minutes, take a shower then head back to work. 🙂 I love working in town to where I have the opportunity to go to the gym at lunch time! Yay!

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