Olivia’s Room & Bathroom

I’ve been thinking lately that this summer/fall I am thinking of redoing my bathroom and Olivia’s bathroom too. I want to get the current wallpaper out of my bathroom because it’s so outdated and I think that it would be a good thing for a fresh start in it looking pretty. Ok the wallpaper isn’t too bad but I want to paint it a good color and not make it look too little at all. Then as for Olivia’s bathroom I want to remove her wallpaper because some of it is already coming off the walls. I have found a really cool site that sells Zebra print wallpaper and this would be really neat to do it at least on one wall of the bathroom.

Another cool place it would look really good in is Olivia’s bedroom. We could do one wall in her room with the Zebra print wallpaper. I have a wall in my bedroom that has wallpaper on it and the Zebra print wallpaper would work so well for Olivia in so many different ways. Just because she thinks zebra print is awesome and it would give it a little contrast in her room too. I would love to do this in her room but I’m not so sure my dad would like it in his house. Just thinking about and visioning what it would look like but it’s hard to do right now. I’ve got too much Mickey on my mind right now.

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