Going to Try it…

This weekend I am going to try my hardest to go ahead and clean out my suitcase because when I moved from my house to my parents I basically just shoved crap into it and didn’t clean it out. I’m sure I’ll find things in there that I have been looking for a few months. Hahaha But I am also going to try and go ahead and pack up a few things that we will not be needing until the trip and that way it will get a little easier for me too. Something that I did last night was I went into Rocky Mount to the Walmart there to pick up some fabric and a few other things so that I can make Olivia a couple of applique shirts for her. This is something that will be very personal for her since she picked the fabric out. I also have some extra fabric upstairs that I’m going to practice with and might put them into good use too. 🙂 You never know what I’ll do. The one thing that I’d love to have is an embroidery machine but maybe one day I can get one. How cool would that be to have my own embroidery machine so that I can personalize a lot of things for not only Olivia but for others too.

But I can’t believe that I have only 22 days to get ready for our trip starting tomorrow. Holy Moly! That’s coming up soon too! I still have lots to do and I can only hope and pray that I get them all done with before the last minute. I do have to still go to the Croc outlet in Smithfield but will have to wait until I get paid again on the 15th and then I have to get new sunscreen and possibly a new swimsuit for myself or at the the top since my other one is way too big. I did however get that swimsuit over 2 years ago so I know I’ll be good to go then for another couple of years unless the weight starts coming off and stays off. I’ve gone back to drinking sodas but only ones that are calorie, and sugar free and have very low sodium in them. I’m not drinking a lot of them either but I have one every few days. I’ve also started counting my calories that I eat everyday to help keep track of what I am eating. I ate a salad today from Wendy’s and it was so good. If I want to lose 2 lbs a week then I need to eat at least 1500 calories a day. No problem at all!

Tomorrow I will be taking Olivia to a Birthday Party for one of her friends from Kindergarten and that should be fun. Then maybe I’ll tackle the few things that I need to get done and want to get done. I’m a little sad though because I was supposed to go out of town this weekend to Maryland for one of my best friends wedding but due to it costing so much to stay in a hotel I had to stay home. Oh how I wish I could have gone but I hope that my friend understands. Well I am so tired and it’s not even 9:30pm yet. I guess I better go so that I can get some sleep.  

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