Thinking ahead a few years…

Today at work my co-worker Jenn and I got on the subject of funeral planning for some reason. I think it’s because one of our patients came in and said after they left from here they had to stop by the funeral home and pick something up for someone else. I’ve often thought about how I want to be buried or what I would need to do so that my family wouldn’t have to worry about my things when I pass away. Now I’m not saying I am going to anytime soon and I hope I don’t go anytime soon but I want to get a will together one day so that I can go from there. I don’t want there to be fighting about anything that I own or anything else or what will happen to Olivia. It’s just some things to think about even though I’m still young and haven’t turned 30 doesn’t mean I should not plan for the future (even if it happens to be a long time from now!)

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