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I just did my taxes and found out that I can finally plan to take Olivia on a nice Vacation. I was so happy when my dad told me how much I was getting back because it’s like I can finally do something nice with her and take her some place where she wants to go. Well I have a few friends who live in Texas who would be sure to travel to Florida with me. They would most likely drive and with that said if they were needing to have their car in for a brake job then they can check out looking for Dallas auto repair for sure.

I know that when I had a truck I always wanted to get a Chevrolet Silverado forever. I wanted the Z71 one that was fully loaded and also was 4×4 too. I still would like one but instead of a truck I’d like to have a Tahoe instead. Oh how that would be sweet to have. I know right now because of the gas mileage and the cost of gas it’s not the right car for me but if you have the money and can afford it go ahead and get one. I just wish that one day I can travel to Texas to see one of my good friends from Catholic School unless she moves to the East Coast again. That would be so sweet! I miss my Rachel and am so glad that I found her on Facebook! Or technically she found me! Yay for reconnecting with friends!

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