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Auto Repair

I drive a 2000 Astro Van that I really like and enjoy. I have to say though when it comes to having something wrong with the vehicle though I have to ask my dad or brother questions. I am no good on knowing when the oil needs to be changed in it or how much oil I have in it. I am really oblivious to knowing about how to do an oil change or how to tune up my van. I really like having others do it for me because I am so afraid that I will break something or cause something to blow up. That’s just my luck and my experience really.

Well I have often thought about taking a long road trip with my best friend, Tonya and have thought about going to Texas. My dad says it’s awesome in Texas and if we do take a road trip that we should take the van because in case something were to break with the car we could always look up Houston auto repair online. Another cool thing that I have to say is that if we do decide to go maybe we should instead rent a cool Acura Integra to drive instead…we’d sure look cooler in it that’s for sure! Just a know me I have a lot of thoughts. LOL.

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