Anti What?

I might still be young but I do think about my future all the time. I think about what I still want to be when I grow up, what I will be doing for the summer and what my skin looks like. I can say that when I turn 30 which will be in a little over a year I want to start up on a good skin care regiment. I love my Clinique but I have heard so much about another anti wrinkle eye cream lately. I want to be sure that I choose the right one because I don’t want to have crows feet or anything else this young. I want to stay young looking for a long time. Actually it’s funny because one of my patients told me the other day that I looked like I was only 20/21 years old. Wow! What a compliment in my eyes! That made my day for sure. Now I just want to stay young looking forever!!! I know I can do it too! I just have to take care of my skin, drink plenty of water and stay active. 🙂

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