Wanting To Go Way South…Someplace Warm!

Well it’s happened. We’ve gotten another weekend full of snow. Blah! I might be from Maryland but I can say we have seen out fair share of snow this year and cold weather. I’m so ready for it to be warm and some place where we can sit on a beach and have a drink in our hand too. I have to say that just thinking about the beach I can think of when I went to the Bahamas in 2003 and we say multiple men sitting on the beach with a cigar in their hand smoking away. Down in the Bahamas there was a really nice cigar store that we passed while on the way to the bus stop. We didn’t go in it but if I had I’m sure I would have purchased some to bring back home for some people I know who liked to smoke at the time. Oh well, I have to get back to reality now and go ahead and face the yet again cold day ahead of me.

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