The Snow is Finally Going Away…we hope!

I have to say that while I loved playing in the snow and taking nice pictures of what all we got I am glad to see the sun out and the snow melting! It’s been fun but I’m ready for it to be dry out and not have the ground so saturated with water. It’s so wet that Olivia can’t go outside and play without sinking into the ground. Gosh. Well tonight we’re supposed to be getting rain but their also thinking that we might also get some snow and sleet too in the mix. Yuck! I just want to be able to have a good weekend without being snowed in. So let’s just pray we don’t!

Yesterday I had to take Olivia to the doctors again. She once again has an ear infection with drainage in her right ear. She also has a throat infection but thankfully not strep throat. I had her home from daycare yesterday and I was home not feeling well either. So we did absolutely nothing all day long. Olivia actually played on my computer most of the afternoon but then got off for a while. She did however sleep good last night since she didn’t take a nap at all. We tried the whole resting thing yesterday but that was just not happening. Guess tonight she’ll sleep well again too. Tomorrow Olivia’s class is supposed to go to a local dentist office for a field trip but that all depends on the weather too. We’ll see in the morning if she’s getting to go. I will be posting more things later on. Thanks to one of my sponsored sites I’m able to make a little bit of extra money for hopefully our trip to Disney World whenever we plan that or for another special thing to do. 🙂

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