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Team USA and Pampers Cruisers

I have to say that yes I might not have an infant anymore but I remember buying Pampers Cruisers only when Olivia was an infant. I loved the diapers and now Pampers has out done themselves once again! They have actually made their Cruisers better which has Dry Max in them causing them to be more absorbent but they also have redesigned them to be thinner to help save room in the diaper bags for you as well. As a mom who always hated carrying around thick diapers I wish Pampers would have come out with these about 3 years ago. But that’s what happens when you’re little one grows up. Another thing that Pampers has done is Teamed up with Team USA this year. We never realized that yes even Olympians are parents too and they use Pampers Cruisers too! The Olympics will start very soon and so I’m really looking forward to it too. The only sport I really enjoy is Figure Skating but I every now and then will turn it on Hockey, Skiing, and more. Just depends on my mood for the day I guess. Well did you know that starting today you can go onto and get a 3 pack sample of the new Pampers Dry Max Cruisers with a really cool Team USA on it as well. Really a cool design if you ask me. 🙂 Plus I’m going to be doing more of a review soon and possibly host a giveaway so stay tuned. Until then Go to and request your 3 Pack Samples!!! Have a great evening!

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