We’re Preparing…


We’re preparing for a winter storm here in North Carolina. So many people have said we’re not going to get anything but honestly I have a feeling we have a much better chance of getting something now then we did the last time. Plus we’re getting conflicting reports of how much we’re supposed to be getting. One local channel is saying we’re going to get between 5-7″ and another is saying 9-12″. Either way I’m super excited! I really want to go outside and play in the snow with Olivia. I’m even game for taking her sledding at some hills (what little we have here). I know that a lot of people here in the south are panicing but we’re not. It’s funny because today while I was pumping gas this woman on the other side of where I was said she had a half tank of gas but was filling up to full because of the winter storm. I just said I was just filling up because I had to which was completely true. I am the kind of person that will let my tank get down to where the low fuel light will come on and then freak out about making it to a gas station before completely running out. I’m horrible about that too but oh well that’s just me! I know for a fact my sister does it too on her car!! LOL

I hope to be taking some photos of Olivia and I too if we happen to get the snow. Either way I love to take pictures. I haven’t said much about the snow either to Olivia just because I don’t want to hype her up and then we get nothing. I’d hate to break her heart! Lately I’ve taken a few pictures of Olivia and outside because it hasn’t been raining and she’s been allowed to go outside and jump on her trampoline. So I’ve been taking pictures of the sunset. I only wish that we didn’t have all the trees in the backyard but we do so I’ll have to deal with it. But if I go up the street I can normally get a really good picture but I never have my good camera with me while I’m passing by it and it’s too late to go back once I get home. Today when I picked up Olivia from daycare she gave me a big surprise…she did all of her homework while at daycare. Sweet! No fussing over if her homework is done or not today. And to reward her I went outside with her and jumped on the trampoline for a good 20 minutes. Whew! That was a good workout and I was completely out of breath! Hahaha!!!
Well that’s about it that’s happened and is happening!

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