Since we had computer problems at work I’ve thought recently about my computer at home and backing it up. I don’t like to say that I do it as often as I should but it’s done at least once a week. Well if I ever decide to put anything on my hard drive on my computer and not the external hard drive then I would want to get an additional hard drive for the computer. Or if I get a laptop like a macbook then I’ve got to have one of those large hard drives to keep my photos and things on plus going ahead and backing that up too onto dvd’s. I’ve got in a habit of putting the pictures on my computer and not backing them up and I need to make it a habit of doing so. I just can’t always rely on my external to do that because what if that fails too then I’m screwed! So backing up onto dvd’s is what I’m going to do this year and hopefully next month!

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