Disney World Vacation Soon?

Yes, it’s official! I’m planning a trip to take Olivia to go see Snow White at Disney. I’m right now in the mode of finding the best Disney vacations deals out there. I’ve gone up to AAA on Friday to go see what the cost would be through them and then did some more searching online to see what it would be through Disney. Wow! I added it up and without airfare the price is a good $500 less through AAA. I want to take her during her birthday week but if we can’t go then I guess we’ll try and plan it to go sometime in August or something like that. We don’t have the timeshare anymore so we can’t use that and just get tickets. A little bummed about that but it’s ok, I understand why we had to let it go. I know that when I do go I’m going to try and get the best deal out there!!! Here’s to planning a good trip and hopefully have a good time too.

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