I know I just began working out but it sometimes feel like I’m not getting anywhere with it. I didn’t do it this past week but plan on starting back with it on Monday. Gonna get it started on the correct day so that I can have a plan to do it. Well I also have slacked off on eating right but I guess that’s what happens when you travel too. We went to Potomac Mills last Saturday for the day and eating junk food didn’t help at all. I might have eaten too much but it could be just the week too that I’m craving chocolate and all that stuff. We did happen to see a lot of kiosks that had a bunch of diet aids but if I were doing a search for the best diet aids I would do it online to find the right one. There are so many out there now a days and it’s hard to choose which one would be right for me. I want to avoid them as much as I can but if I do happen to try one then I would want to try out Alli.

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