Working Out Finally!

Yes I’ve begun my workouts already and have really so far been enjoying them. I am doing Slim in 6 and I will start doing EA Sports Active to use with the Wii when I start getting more fit. I’ve already done 3 workouts using SI6 and feel better about myself already. I did however decide to do EA Sports Active Wednesday and I think I over did it. I definitely used more muscles than I thought I would using that game but it was a good feeling. The only thing that I had happen was that my leg muscles were killing me to the point that I couldn’t sit, lie down or walk comfortably. Ugh. But now that the pain is over I can finally feel my legs and they don’t hurt at all. Yay!!

Tomorrow my best friend, Tonya and I will be heading to Woodbridge, VA to Potomac Mills and Ikea! I’m so excited too because I love Ikea! I can always find a lot of good deals for a cheap price. I am going to have to dig out my ikea bag in the am and put it in the car. That way I don’t have to pay for each plastic bag. I will remind her to bring some too. Well it looks like we are finally going to have some storage for Olivia for her toys, an easel for her to draw on and a new lamp which is definitely needs. She’s using one of my old bedside lamps that my sister and I used when we were younger. So it’s time for a well needed change and new lamp. She’s already picked one or two out so we’ll make the decision when we are up there. I’m making sure though that we have plenty of snacks and drinks so that we won’t have to make a lot of frequent stops besides going to the bathroom like usual. We’ll see though. Well let me go. Have to take my sisters dog out for one last trip out and let our dog out. I’m sleepy too so I’m going to go to bed too. Good night everyone!!!

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