I have to say that while I do love the winter I really miss the spring/summer. I only wish that on certain occassions that it could be warm during the winter time. I know that with us living in the south we do sometimes see that but not that often. Well if I got lucky enough maybe I could talk my parents in going to the Beach in the spring and we could have a good ole time. I miss the beach and how much fun we always have there. Even if it’s just for a day or two. Plus another thing that I love about the beach is camping. I don’t mind it at all because it honestly is so much fun. Especially with a child. Who knew right? Another person that I know who loves to go camping is our neighbors. They have a huge motorhome and I’m not too sure if they have any motorhome warranty on it or not. I know that we don’t have a warranty on our popup camper but that is because we have had it for several years now and have gotten a lot of use out of it too. I think we’ll have it for a few more years even though we’d all love to have a 32 footer to pull down. But the popup is more economical right now for us. Who knows what the future holds for us though right?

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