Maybe in 2010!

Recently I’ve been thinking about saving up as much money as I can and making a down payment on a nice used vehicle. I’m still thinking of what kind of car to get but I want something that is nice, has good gas mileage on it and will last me a good while. I was thinking that if I do end up getting a “new” vehicle then maybe I would want to build one of those nice metal buildings to keep it in…kind of like a garage for me. Plus I could keep a few extra things in there like the lawn mower and all of Olivia’s toys in it. It would be something that would keep the things that we have now out of the current garage and also keep it a little nicer too. That way I could have my own building too to do things in it like maybe take up learning stained glass (like my dad and granddad did) and also keep up with my crafting. It’s something to definitely think about but now if I can only make a decision on what kind of car I want. I like the Ford Freestyle, Chevy Malibu, Ford Fusion and the Honda Fit. Still not sure on which one to get. Oh yeah I also love the Honda Accord too. It’s a lot to think about but it’s still in the decision making time too. Now I just need to stop spending money and go save it. hmmm….another resolution in the making I guess. LOL

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