Small Town

With us living in a small town I’ve often wondered if we will ever get any child franchise in town like a Monkey Joe’s or a Sweet & Sassy for the girls. I know that we do have a Chuck E. Cheese in the next town over but it would be nice to have something for the kids to do in our town rather than having to travel out of our little town. Now I know that our town is growing but not fast enough or not what I’m used to that is. Growing up in Maryland we definitely got spoiled but since moving to North Carolina we seem to have to drive a ways to get to something fun and good. I guess that’s the price that you pay considering that it’s less costly to live down here and the traffic is not as bad as up north…unless you consider getting stuck behind the buses in the AM or the tractors in the spring and Summer. But that’s about it. It’s just something I’ve been thinking about recently and have thought about a lot of things too.

I was paid for this review but it has my honest opinions in it.

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