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I’m like most of the American’s now and the rest of the world. I have to wear glasses, especially when I look at the computer for a long period of time or I have to drive at night or in the rain. I really don’t care for my lenses though that are in my current pair and I was so happy when I was chosen to receive a pair of Airwear Lenses to make them more comfortable to enjoy and wear. The current ones that I have now are heavy and bulky and I did not like them at all. They had a glare to them and were difficult to wear when I was driving at night or in the rain. I kept getting a glare to go into my right eye that would cause me not to be able to see out of it. Very annoying if you can only imagine. I have to say that I haven’t received my glasses just yet from Airwear but I am patiently awaiting. I had a hard time getting them shipped due to us living in a small town but they got shipped and I am just waiting for them to come to me now.

Airwear Lenses are so cool though because after doing some research online I have learned that they are 43% lighter than the normal plastic lenses you’d get at your eye doctors office. I also think that they are awesome because they also are thin which is amazing too. Who would want to have think lenses? I know I wouldn’t and I don’t care for them at all. Another cool thing about Airwear Lenses is that they offer scratch-resistance, UV protection and are very impact resistance. Overall they are just more pleasant to have and I can’t wait for me to get them to wear them all the time.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Airwear and received a pair of Airwear eyeglass lenses to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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