Slimming Down for the New Year

I’ve lately been trying to slim down for the new year and during the year 2010. I want to be back to my skinny jeans as I call them and I know I can. Already I’ve been losing weight and have seemed to get rid of some extra rolls and some double chin but still I want to lose more. I’ve been cutting back on what I eat and not trying to eat double the serving size. Like tonight for dinner I only ate a portion of my chicken and put the rest in the fridge. It might host as my lunch and dinner for tomorrow. I’ve often in the past have used slimming pills to help with my weight loss but this time I’m going to do it by cutting back (except for the 2 Dunkin’ Donuts I ate today and Bojangles kids meal) and by working out. I’m even thinking of joining a gym in the new year as well. Might be fun to walk the treadmill and do the elliptical as well. And possibly doing a few aerobics classes too. I want to start out the new year with a fresh outlook on life and this is the way to do it!! I’m GOING to get healthy in 2010!!!

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