It’s going Around

Now that school is in full session it seems that Olivia has caught just about every little cold going around. Well this past weekend she kept telling me that her throat hurt bad and when she was running a fever and refused to eat on Sunday I knew that it must be something. She didn’t complain about it too much after a long nap but she still felt crummy. On Monday afternoon I called the peds office and they didn’t have any openings that day but they did the next morning right after they opened up. I couldn’t believe how full they were at 8:45am I mean it’s normally not that bad at all that early. We had to wait about 15-20 minutes before being called back and that’s when she weighed in at 39.4lbs and she waited patiently for the Dr to come in. When he came in he checked her ears first and then her throat and yep sure enough it was Strep. He then checked her over just to make sure it was nothing more than that and prescribed some meds to help clear that up. After leaving the office I called my dr office just to make sure I didn’t have strep too. Would not be cool at all if I did. Luckily I didn’t but I did have an Upper Respiratory Infection. Not bad at all. I didn’t get to have the H1N1 Vaccine as I had planned to but I CAN go back to my primary care physicain and get the vaccine through them free of charge. Thank goodness too because there are no more flu vaccines around this area. Not even Olivia has gotten the shot. I can only pray that she doesn’t get it at all either!

Other than that I’ve been reading a lot and trying to get caught up on my sleep. I feel so tired lately like I’m not sleeping much but I am sleeping my normal hours and still feel so unrested. I’ve got to figure out what is happening. I’m sure though that this rain we’ve had lately isn’t doing much good either. The remnants of Ida are coming through our area dumping a good deal of rain on us but only leaving us with flood warnings. Go figure. Well I’m off to go write more book reviews. Check out the site for more giveaways which will be happening soon!

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