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It’s almost time!

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Today I went to Lifeway Christian Book Store to pick up the new Chris Tomlin Christmas Album because I had a $5 Bonus Bucks Coupon to use until the 20th of this month and wanted that album. I love Chris Tomlin as much as I love Casting Crowns and of course had to get their Christmas Album from last year. I’d love to go see Casting Crowns tomorrow night at the RBC Center because the past year and a half their songs have helped me overcome so much by listening to their message they each have. I love the few songs “Praise You In This Storm”, “Slow Fade” and “And Now My Lifesong Sings.” They all have special meanings to them and I love their music all together. I’ve often thought about singing a few songs in church but then I just get cold feet and choose not to do it after all. What a chicken I am when it comes to singing in front of a group of people…even if they are my church family. Oh well, something to overcome in the next few years I guess.

Anyways, I love how His Radio is already playing some Christmas Music too. Once November hits I definitely break out the Christmas music and start listening to it more often. While it’s in the car, my computer, ipod or even in my room. I just love this time of the year! Plus Starbucks has the perfect latte out now called “Gingerbread Latte” which happens to be my favorite of all time. I normally don’t purchase from Starbucks but this time of the year I feel like I can splurge a little bit on something warm and special like this. Olivia too is getting excited as well. She asked today while waiting for the bus if she could make Santa Claus homemade cookies which we probably will again this year. She really enjoyed doing that together last year and I don’t plan on stopping this year either! So we shall have a good time together doing that! Well let me go. Oh yeah, don’t forget to check my review site because I’m having a lot of different giveaways happening on it right now. I hope you all will enter to win!

The picture above was taken at Vollmer Farm on Saturday. One of my patients gave me two free admissions to the Back Forty to take Olivia to go play!

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