This week has been absolutely crazy in our household. Olivia woke up Monday morning complaining of a severe sore throat but I really needed to go to work until I had some kind of help in at work so I called and got Olivia an appointment for that afternoon. Not long after I called and got her an appointment I received a phone call from school asking to come pick up Olivia because she started to run a fever and also she was just laying there. I felt like a bad mom but I had no one to watch her long enough for me to get someone to cover for me at work. Well I took her to my doctors appointment and then we went to TJ Maxx for something while waiting for her doctors appointment. She picked out a new halloween costume and then went headed on over to her appointment. She didn’t have strep thank the Lord but she did have a throat infection. The doctor told us that if she could get two doses of her medicine in her then she could go to school the next day as long as she wasn’t running a fever. She ran a fever that night but I had a back up plan this time in case she couldn’t go into schoo. She did go to school the next day and she was feeling a little better too. Plus I went ahead and let the doctor know that if I got a phone call I’d either have to go pick her up or have someone else pick her up. I luckily got no phone call.

This week I’ve been fighting something and not sure what it is. There is honestly so much crud going around Nash County right now that it’s hard to tell exactly what it is. Some of the people have the flu, some have the swine flu, some have the chicken pox, some have who knows what, so I’ve been using up a lot of the antibacterial germ-x at work and at home and wiping a lot of things down with disinfectant. We don’t need to get super sick at work but since I do work inside a doctors office its hard to tell what comes through there…even if it is a Chiropractic office. Well I picked Olivia up from daycare today and she felt a little warm and was complaining about her throat again. I took her temp just a few mins ago and she is running a fever once again. I’m only hoping that she is not running one in the AM because she has a dentist appointment we’ve had scheduled for the past 6 months now. She really needs to get in a see them too because they are very difficult to get in a see and so if she misses an appointment that means it could be months before they’re able to get her in again. Ugh. What to do? All I know is I can Pray about it and see what happens in the AM. I have to go and pick up her prescription in just a little bit…after dinner really and then I’m going to come home and chill out with Olivia for a while. We might even have a movie night and watch ELF and eat popcorn too!!!

Tomorrow I have got to go to The Children’s Place and go find some tights to match Olivia’s costume this year. She’s going to be a peacock and it’s an adorable costume too! Plus I might check out the snow bibs since I’m going to try and take her tubing this winter too!!!

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