Panama Beach

As I sit here awaiting for winter to hit I sit and wonder what it would be like to live in Florida. I have been to so many places in Florida so far but one of the major cities that I haven’t been to is Panama City. Well did you know that you can go online and search for major cities to visit and one of the cities that you can search for to stay is panama city beach condos. I think that it would be awesome to stay in a nice condo instead of a hotel especially if we spend more than 3 days there. I like to have a place where I can cook instead of eat out all the time by wasting money and also by wasting food. If we could cook for ourselves then we can eat the leftovers too. It’s a trip that I’d love to take one day but I don’t see myself taking it anytime soon. We’re still desperately trying to save up for Disney World!

*This review was a paid review. The opinions are my honest opinions!*

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