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Once In A Blue Moon Book Review


I was very lucky to receive an advance copy of “Once In A Blue Moon” by Eileen Goudge who is the author of “The Diary” and “Domestic Affairs”. This book is an awesome book to read. I couldn’t put it down once I picked it up. The book is about two sisters who have had a tough life as it is because one of the girls is left to raise her younger sister. Something that honestly you don’t want to have the chance to do since she herself was just a child too. The girls were adopted and have grown up and needless to say they are reunited with each other after 30 years of being seperated. The girls are very different from each other and they then embark on a little journey through time and life. So sit back and enjoy the ride with reading this very emotional yet invigorating book. I really enjoyed reading this book and I am going to go to the local library and read more of Eileen’s books that she has written. I really like her writing style for sure! Thank you to One2One Network for allowing me to review this advance copy of the book.

The book “Once In A Blue Moon” is out in all bookstore on October 6th. You can also preorder the book as well through Amazon. You should also check out Eileen’s Facebook page and she’s even on twitter! I’m following her are you?

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