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Eating Right with Looney Tunes

Now that school is back in full session it’s hard to get our kids to eat healthy if they are buying lunch from the schools or taking lunch because they don’t always eat like we want them to. Well thanks to Warner Brothers partnering up with Safeway for Eating Right with Kids and it’s nice to know that Looney Tunes are on our side to help keep healthy foods out there for our children. I have found that a lot of the days that Olivia buys lunch from school she’s not eating everything because some of the food doesn’t always taste good at all. Well I have to say that we were sent a nice lunch bag, a bottle of Apple Juice, a Mixed Berry Bar with some Chocolate on drizzled on it, a large bowl (cup) of spaghetti O’ like pasta with meatballs and a cup of Dole Fruit. Olivia fell in love first with the wonderful lunch bag because it had Bugs Bunny on it. Then she put the apple juice in the fridge to chill so that she could take it to school one day for her lunch. She didn’t try the pasta but I did and it was very good (and healthy of course). The mixed bar we are saving for Olivia to eat another day but she ate the fruit bowl with no problems. Warner Brothers have come up with a wonderful idea in keeping our kids eating healthy and something that they can come up with that all kids would find interesting enough to eat. We love the products that we received thanks to Team Mom and can’t wait to continue to use the lunch bag that we received. Olivia has already gotten several compliments on the bag as it is and can’t wait for more. Thanks Team Mom for allowing us to try this awesome product out!!

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