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Recently I was given the opportunity to give the New Oscar Mayer Lunchables a try. I have to say that these are so much better and nicer than the older ones. I didn’t care for the older ones because I felt that they didn’t come with enough especially for the price that they were offered for. Well the one that Olivia tried out was the Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza one that came with not only the pizza, cheese, pepperonis and sauce…but it also came with 2 Chip Ahoy Cookies, 1 pack of Cheese Nips and a cute little bottle of spring water with a Koolaid Packet (which she didn’t get). But the quality of these Lunchables are amazing and I have already purchased a few more for Olivia when she starts Kindergarten. It’s awesome too! I can’t wait until she can eat them and tell me what they taste like on the other ones. Now Olivia is a very picky eater but when she downed the Lunchable that she had gotten I was hooked from that point. Plus we got them at Walmart and only paid $3.00 for them each. We are definitely going to be purchasing more Oscar Mayer Lunchables in the Future…at least the new ones that is!!!

I wrote this review while participating in the Mom Central Blog Tour on behalf of Oscar Mayer Lunchables and even received a sample to facilitate my candid review. In addtion, Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for participating!!!

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