I Saved $$

For the past month or so I’ve been clipping coupons out of the Sunday Paper’s and also finding them online and clipping them as well. I have found that since I’m a single parent I need to try and save as much money as I can when ever I go to the grocery store. Well I was originally going to to go Harris Teeter for their triple coupons deals but figured with the price of gas and me driving a gas guzzler it was better off for me to just go to the local Walmart store. I looked through my little coupon holder and picked out the items that I knew we could definitely use and would be able to eat and get ready to make lunches for school. Well I needless to say I saved a total of $23 in coupons from my original bill and only paid $55 for all my food that I got last night. Praise God for that because that was a really nice savings for sure. Next time I go though I’ll be sure to choose a different cashier because she was accusing me of having counterfit coupons and they were the ones I clipped out of the newspaper or got from the manufacturer. Very disappointing that anyone would think that I would be that dishonest but come on they were valid! I have a feeling it was because I had several coupons for some free items and she had to go make sure I purchased them by looking through all the bags that she had already packed and having to find the price of them. The only one that she told me she couldn’t get to work was the one for the free Rice Krispies so I guess I’ll try that one on my next shopping trip. It’s so nice to be able to get a lot of food for a small price. Plus I loved this because I got two pack of 4 rolls of TP for only $1 each. Sweet! Can’t go wrong with that at all! I’m now on the hunt for more coupons and can’t wait until tomorrows paper comes out.

We’re supposed to be going to the Kindergarten Kickoff in Raleigh NC but not too sure if that will happen or not. Depends on how much sleep I get for sure!

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