Allergies, Pictures and More

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So last night I met up with the lady who had the Savage Port-A-Stand for sale off craigslist and purchased it from her. Come to find out it was used but in excellent condition! I was so excited about it knowing that it would be easier for me to do portraits now. Just now need to get some seamless paper to use on it which I’ll try to get soon. Another thing that I’m going to try and get is a mini soft box for my external flash. It will help give a little softer look to all pictures I take.


So this evening after picking up Olivia from school I got the mail and read the letter that came in it from her ENT. When she had her surgery she had a RAST (blood allergy test) Test done and we just got the results. Come to find out Olivia is allergic to Dog skin (dogs) and Cows Milk. So it looks like we’re going to definitely have to change her diet for sure. I guess next time I’m in Raleigh I’ll try and find the Whole Food Store and pick up a few things from there. Who knew she’d be taking after me. She also has a very small allergy to eggs but it’s very little so I’m not too worried about that at all.


Tonight I decided to take some pictures of Olivia using my new backdrop stand and came out with a few cute ones. Of course I had to edit them but that wasn’t so bad. The ones on this post came from that shoot that I did with my Olivia. She is such a ham for the camera!

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