What a Great Weekend!

This past weekend was great. I enjoyed taking Olivia out on Saturday morning with her grandparents for school clothes shopping and then I left her with her grandparents and went on home to get ready for a wedding. We left NC around 11:30am and headed up to La Plata, MD where the wedding was. My cousin Pam was getting married to her long time boyfriend, Ryan. So glad they are married…they are such a cute couple. Well I didn’t have my little camera so I took my Canon XS with me. I ended up taking a few good pictures with it and oh how I have missed taking pictures of others. Below are a few pictures from the wedding. I saw my Aunt and Uncle and most of my cousins from my mom’s side. Can’t wait to see them all again at the Howell Family Reunion on Labor Day weekend in Berryville, VA. We have decided not to take the small car though as a family. We’ll take a different vehicle for sure.

After we got home around 1am, I went on to bed. I was tired and sleeping was very uncomfortable. Olivia came home yesterday evening and decided to play in her pool. I have pictures of that but haven’t uploaded them to the computer and to the internet. I was searching online last night on Craigslist and happened to come across a post that really caught my eye. I found a brand new studio background stand with carrying case that I’m purchasing. Plus its just in my price range too. This will help my business grow hopefully. I love taking pictures of others and I know I can do it with this. Plus I’m going to purchase some kind of seamless paper rolls after school starts and daycare isn’t so expensive. It will be $30 cheaper each week. That’s a good savings for me. Plus I’m going to have some kind of special for some portraits for school kids. I’ll let you know more on that soon. Well that’s about it. I’ve rearranged Olivia’s room and she now has her little stove and table in her room to where she can play in it. And on top of that her room is clean! Sweet!





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