Great Finds!

Yesterday Olivia and I were supposed to go to the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh but instead we went out with my mom. We had a good time because we still went to Raleigh but instead of going to the Museum we went to several thrift stores. I was on the hunt for some dance clothing for Olivia because they are expensive and I wanted her to have a few choices instead of just a few that she has. We came up empty handed in that department but I did happen to find a few other things instead. I found instead a Beth Moore Book, the Eat, Sleep and Pray book (heard that’s very good), a Parents Toy for Olivia to play with. And I found at another Goodwill a Peaches Scrub Top for work (it’s for the fall though), some books for Olivia to add to her library, and then I got cute black and white Toile dress for Olivia along with 3 Disney Movies. After we went there we drove to Knightdale and went to the Kohl’s there. I found a leotard, a little tutu, some tights (4 pairs) and a dress for Olivia there for only $34. I saved a total of $30 so that made me feel a little better.

Now all I have to do is order some more leotards from online and also pick up some shoes and a bag for her ballet items. Then she’ll be ready to roll for that. The only thing now that I have to get is her school supplies for school. Then we’ll be set!

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