Life is Good!


Last weekend Olivia and I went to Myrtle Beach where we had a great time there. We realized that Olivia loves the pool and doesn’t care too much for the ocean. Who knew right? We also found out that the campground we stayed at has so much for kids to do that we are planning on going back next summer for at least 1 week (I’ll have enough vacation time to do that). They not only have Kids Club but they also have putt putt, the hippo slide, paddle boats, canoes and bike rentals there. We had the best time there for sure!!! Then we came home and had a good overall week. And another thing…the underwater camera rocks too!!!


Today, Olivia and I went to Kings Dominion and had a great time. We rode the Scooby Doo roller coaster 3 times, and rode the Log Flume twice. We did a lot of walking and we just had a fun time. Plus the thing that I enjoyed the most was the fact that we didn’t have too many meltdowns while there. Given the fact that Olivia didn’t have a nap at all and we didn’t take the stroller. Next time we go we’ll be sure though to have more people with us so that I can ride some adult rides as well. I love having the season pass too because we didn’t have to pay for parking. How sweet was that? Kings Dominion Rocks!!! I haven’t put any of the pictures from the trip today on here but here are a few that I took of Olivia this week. Enjoy!


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