Trying new things

Recently I’ve been trying to get Olivia to try new things at dinner like different veggies and fruits. Last night was the first time that I actually got her to eat something new that she actually likes. It was cantaloupe which happens to be one of my favorite fruits to eat in the summer. Another thing that we have been trying is to tell her to take 2 bites of the new food on her plate without the whining and after she is finished with that and doesn’t like it then we won’t force her to eat it. But if she does whine and make a fuss at the table then she will be excused from the table until she can act like a nice little girl again. It worked last night with the cantaloupe and I’m so glad too because she realized that it’s not that bad after all.

Today I went to work and had a pretty productive day. Again tomorrow will be productive as well and possibly the rest of the week. So that will be nice. Plus I’m not too sure if we are planning on going to Kings Dominion or not this coming up weekend. I’d love to go since we have purchased season passes so we’ll see at that point if we go or not. Praying that we will be able to go!!!

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