Where has time gone?

I just realized that time has flown by too quickly this year. I’m not sure if it’s because Olivia is getting older or if it’s just the way that the year is going. I’m living my life everyday and I’m working hard on making my life better for both Olivia and I. I have realized that I don’t have much time to blog as much as I like to but that’s hopefully going to change soon. I’m praying that I get some things from PayU2Blog soon for some extra cash. I’d love to save up for some Christmas Money or something else like a small vacation or take Olivia to Busch Gardens or Kings Dominion more than once this summer. I know that I’d love to take her to Maryland more than once too. We’re already going on Memorial Day weekend and that’s going to be great!!! Seeing how both Olivia and I don’t have work or school that Monday we’re going to stay around and leave on that day. I know I want to make good time which is not hard at all. I’m really excited about going back home. I might even call my old neighbor up and see if she and the boys are going to be around. She was always so sweet and the boys were the first kids that I ever watched when I was younger. I do miss living in Maryland but I wouldn’t change moving here at all. I have on several different occasions thought about moving there but not sure if it will ever happen. Life is so expensive up there.

Anyways, I’m blogging just before I head out to work and so I need to finish getting ready. I’ve only been up since 5am and here it is 7 minutes to 7am. LOL. I promise that I’ll post some pictures soon. 🙂

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