I Love My Job!!!

I have to say that even though I’ve been working at my current job for only 3 weeks I am loving it. I have the best boss out there and I have awesome patients and an awesome coworker as well. It’s amazing how much different my life is now that I have a job, independence and money. Plus I am getting excited because in the next couple of weeks I’m getting a Blackberry Curve. I’m super excited because it’s something that I’ve wanted for a while and it’s something that I’m going to get. I had a full paycheck this time and I’m loving the money that I’m getting. I’m also planning a trip to Maryland for Memorial Day weekend and can’t wait. Can’t wait to spend time with one of my best friends in Maryland and travel to the zoo with her too. I’m hoping that it will be pretty that weekend too.

My life is so different and I’m definitely loving life! Life is so much different from last year and I have told so many people that I’m so happy that I’m this way. It’s awesome and it’s amazing how God is working in my life too. I’ve decided to do one more month of tanning and then I’ll be set to go for the summer. Well that’s about it for this post. Olivia is eating dinner in the living room and she’s getting ready to finish up. Then I’ll be giving her a bath and I’m going to go to bed myself. 🙂 Life is amazing!! God is Awesome!

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