Feeling Lost without Blogging

This past Tuesday I started a new job which I absolutely love. I will be taking over a girls place doing the insurance and am ecstatic about doing it too. I’ve already caught on very quickly on checking patients in, checking them out, taking the payments, and also helping with some therapy. Plus I am so happy because I am working for a chiropractor and honestly I’m way over due for having an adjustment so this might help out with getting one now. LOL Well since I have to be up at 5:45am every morning I’ve found that at night when I get home I honestly don’t feel much like being online and blogging. I’m sure that will change once my body gets used to the shock that its in now from getting up early. So please be patient with me while I get used to working. Plus I thought that the position that I applied for was for part time but honestly it definitely surprised me when they told me that I was going full time. I get 37.5 hours each week and get off work at noon on Thursdays. So it looks like I’ve got to schedule my appointments on those days. I’ve actually got to call one of my doctors and see about switching times to work with my lunch time. I am loving my new job and so that’s all I’m going to write about right now. My eyes are starting to cross so that means its time for bed. Good night all!

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