Fireproof Bible Study

At my church we are doing the Fireproof your Marriage Bible Study. Only we’ve made it work for everyone to join in. Tonight the youth group joined in because my mom who is the youth leader was not there because she’s at the beach. Well tonight they were talking about Love has to be in the relationship but most of all God has to be the foundation of it all. I guess when I look back I see that both Terry and I were not putting our full hearts into the marriage until it was too late to do anything about it. But its helping me open up more and understand more of how in the future I can prevent it. I am going to purchase a book from the church so that I can follow along with it. I never thought that I could get involved in something like this but I can and I will. God is working so many miracles in my life that it would be stupid of me to stop now. I now only pray that someone good will come into my life because I want to go on dates and want so many things but it seems like I will never get there. But I have to be patient I guess which I am definitely not. Oh well, guess I’ll have to see what God has in store for me next as impatient as I am I will wait. I’ll worship while I wait!

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