Yesterday I had a 2nd job interview and it went ok. I’m not feeling so great about it because I was grilled about something that happened almost 5 years ago when I was let go from a job. I had to choose between working or my daughter who was sick. What do you think I chose? Anyways, they said I was still in the running but I just don’t have a good feeling about it. I’m hoping I hear from the doctors office I interviewed with on Tuesday today about the hours and the pay. Then they will be making their decision on Friday…I’m still praying that its the job I get. I really want that one too. But you never know. I know God is looking out for me.

Then last night while I went to church for Bible Study I was forced to make a decision again. Only this time it was about if I should allow Olivia to go into the fellowship hall and eat lots and lots of sugar at 7pm and expect to stay up most of the night, or go home and find something to do. I didn’t even get to stay for my study because I’m sorry I’m not giving my child any kind of sugar at night because with her ADHD she will be up until 3am and I did not want to go through that again. So we went home. I felt a little hurt that I had to make that decision but I’m over it now. Praying next week will be better…actually I don’t know if we’re even having it because next week is Spring Break.

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