Tips for keeping the Cell Phone Bill Down

I have a child and trust me she can use the phone as much as I do. She enjoys calling her grandparents, aunts and uncles. Well whenever she calls them all it does use our minutes so we can up with a few things that we like to do to keep the phone bill down.

  1. We use a timer for a total of 5-10 minutes per each call. Sometimes it might go over if she has a lot to say but not by much.
  2. We try not to use the phone during peak time hours because it seems to use more minutes that way.
  3. On the weekends we call all we want because it’s free on the weekends.
  4. Her bedtime is at 9pm and we normally try to call whenever it becomes free so if that means her bedtime is at 9pm we make the phone calls then.
  5. We always have tabs on where the cell phone is because with 1 button dialing she can call whoever is on that number. Plus she knows how to dial several things like her daddy or her grandparents and we have to keep a tab on where the phone is.

These are some of our tips for keeping the cell phone bill down. What are some of the things you do to keep the cell phone bill down with your children? Well did you know that there is a cool cell phone for kids now called kajeet? It’s really cool because it’s made just for them and you can keep track on their cell phone usage. I’d love to get this for Olivia to show her the responsibility of having something important to keep up with. Even though she might be young…she sure knows how to talk on a cell phone and ring up a bill!!!

One Commnet on “Tips for keeping the Cell Phone Bill Down

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