Prayer Request

I wanted to ask for a prayer request, not for me but for a child and family who go to my church. Their son, Connor has been having some medical problems and this past week the father of Connor found a lump on their sons side. They took him to the doctors and they found out yesterday that he has Leukemia. This is really hard to hear because it hits home for me. Connor and Olivia are the same age and it really makes me think how lucky we are as a family not to have this or to go through something like this. This little boy and his family will need lots of prayers. I’ll keep you all updated on how he is doing. I think they are taking him out to UNC but we also let them know of Duke Children’s Hospital because that’s where they basically saved my little girls life. I am very grateful for all they did for us while we were there for 2 weeks. The journey that Connor and his family will have to endure will be long and they will need all the prayers they can get.

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