New Haircut & Olivia’s Ears


Last Thursday I went out and finally had my hair cut since it had been over 10 months since I had it cut or even trimmed. But I am the kind of person who would rather do without for myself and give my money towards something for Olivia. So most of my extra money went towards things for Olivia or bills or something else. Well the picture above is my new haircut. I love it too. I add a little bit of mousse for volume in my hair and add in some thermal protection and wahlah…my hair looks pretty.

Now onto Olivia’s ears. This morning Olivia woke up around 1:30am crying and screaming that her ears hurt her. So I called the peds office and made an appointment. The one bad thing about calling on Monday’s is that you will honestly be on hold forever! I was on hold with them for over 30 minutes. Ugh. But she was seen and her ears are not looking good at all. She has an ear infection in her left ear and that is the ear that has the only tube in it. So tomorrow I will be taking Olivia to the ENT to talk about what do we do now since her tubes seem to be out and almost out. We’re back in the same rut we were in last year at this time. I do have a feeling though this time we’re going to have to have them redone and I’m going to ask if taking her tonsils out will help with her not getting any ear infections. I mean it doesn’t hurt to ask right?

Other than that today went by smoothly. My sister came over for dinner and we had steaks grilled out and veggies and shrimp. Yum. Thanks Liz!

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