Looking for a Career Change?

Back in 1999 when I graduated high school, I often thought about getting a degree in Computer and Information Technology. Then when 2001 came I changed my mind and decided to wait to finish school, not complete my degree. Well honestly now I have often thought about going back and finishing what I started. I’ve been looking at several colleges to where I can finish that degree off and found St. Joseph University Online Management Certificate Program. I’ve been looking at finishing up my degree or at least getting my certificate in Computer and Information technology because the salary potential with the Management Certificate would rake in around $108K. Holy Moly! I could definitely use that kind of money now. Hahaha. Well I am actually thinking about if I don’t complete that then I will go for Management Analyst and can make up to $71K a year. Not too shabby there either. So now all I will have to do is get ready for PMP exam preparation where I can start learning and trying to earn a degree or a certificate in a career that will have a long term career opportunity in. It’s a thought and for those of you who are not too sure what you’d like to be or where you’d like to be just check online to see if there is a special program you’d like to try out.

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