Such a Rainy & Uneventful Day

Today has been a rainy and cold day. It’s been the perfect day to just chill out at the house and catch up on some much needed rest. I took about a 2 hour nap this afternoon and so did Olivia. She honestly needed it too. I’m so tired of seeing the rain and the fact that it’s cold out. When can we have the warm weather back. I know that this week towards Wednesday it will be warm out again but I’m so ready for it to be spring already. Although spring means pollen season I’d much rather deal with that than to deal with the cold rain. I don’t mind rain at all but when it’s cold is when I do mind. If its going to be cold to the point of where you can see your own breath then it might as well be snowing at this point. But I have to remember that people in the south really don’t know how to drive very well in the snow.

I do remember the first time we experienced snow in NC back in January 1997 about 5 months after we moved to NC from MD, people were sliding off the roads because they decided to do the speed limit in the snow and not taking it slow. I have always been a safe driver in the snow because I’ve seen way too many accidents in the snow and the rain. I have been very blessed in not getting into accidents. Ok that was totally random but that’s who I am today. Random. Hahaha

I will say that Olivia and I are in the other room watching Cars on the Disney Channel. She loves that movie and I like it. Well going to spend some quality time with Olivia and then put her to bed. Have a great night everyone!

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