Home for the Weekend

So my plans for Maryland had to stop because I went back to the doctor on Thursday and was told that not only do I still have bronchitis and on top of that have a sinus infection. Plus with having to run to different doctors I don’t have the extra funds to travel up there now. So I’m staying close to home this weekend and going to enjoy the nice weather that we have. Today I met with Robin for lunch and we used up two coupons for free entrees at Chili’s and then Olivia and I went to Target so that I could pick up some more shampoo and conditioner. Terry met us at the store and he took Olivia home with him for the weekend. It’s going to be a quiet weekend. Tonight we’re having ribeye steaks for dinner and then going to watch a movie. Still conteplating on which movie I want to watch. Tomorrow morning I get to sleep in because Olivia won’t be here and then Robin is coming over and we’re probably going to go do a little shopping with what little birthday money I have gotten. We’re thinking of heading to the pottery so I guess we’ll see at that point.

Well I’m out of breath because I just got finished cleaning up the garage. I’m beat. Might take a nice warm bath tonight and lots of steam to help open me up. 🙂 Have a great weekend and I’m sure there will be some pictures taken this weekend. You never know!

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