We are Home!!!

Olivia was released this evening and we are home now. I didn’t get much sleep last night due to another child across the hall who literally screamed the entire night. So I’m exhausted tonight for sure. I’m so glad that my little girl is home from the hospital but we are still having a difficult time with her drinking. So if she doesn’t pick it up and drink more then she will be readmitted to the hospital on Monday. This weekend we’ll be resting and drinking up on fluids and hopefully by Monday she’ll be ready to go back to school. I know that her teachers are very worried for her and that Olivia told me she misses her friends. I miss her going to school too. Friday she will not have school and is going to spend the weekend with her daddy. But all in all Olivia is a little better but not back to her 100%. Please continue to send the prayers our way because she still has a long way to go!

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