I know its been almost a week since I’ve updated this blog but we have been dealing with sickness in our household. First I went to the doctors on Thursday to find out I have borderlined pneumonia and should take it easy. So that’s what I did for the next several days. Then around 1:30am yesterday Olivia woke up with a high fever of around 104.1 and was vomiting. We ended up going to the ER around 2:30pm because she had not eaten or drank anything and she was not peeing. They determined that she has bronchitis and that she had a virus. We are still dealing with the high fever as of now and her not wanting to eat or drink. I am on my way out of the house while she is sitting with my mom (nanie) and I’m going to pick up some more motrin and tylenol since we are almost out and also pick up some Dora the Explorer Popsicles (she’s requested them). Praying that we will be fininshed being sick soon.

On the lighter note I’ve decided to join a ladies bible study group and so that will be good. I’ll be attending it with my best friend on Wednesday nights but it looks like this week won’t happen. Just keep my little girl in your prayers that these high fevers will go away and that she’ll get better really soon!

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